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connecting to the ground

“I remember clearly when I was younger, my grandma used to hand make traditional Chinese fabric shoes for our family. 
They were very comfortable and breathable and all made of fabric without using any adhesive glue, even the outsoles.” 

this traditional fabric shoe has over 3000 years history in China but this unique craftsmanship has been slowly replaced by machine.


the sole is made up of many layers of cotton fabric, a layer of palm leafs, a layer of wool, combined by special crop starch and hand stitched with ramie cord . 
In this way, the soles are breathable and can be worn barefoot.

human construction

a traditional approach to manufacturing, on a small scale and with local experts, makes each piece unique and each shoe comes with its own identification number. 
Production creates and supports artisanal jobs and their families in rural areas. 

hand sewn, hand lasted 

using natural materials our feet can connect to the earth directly, absorbing the “earth qi”, 
which means human being’s connection with plants, earth and nature in Chinese Medicine — connecting the wearer to the ground. 

each pair of hand crafted fabric soles requires 1000 to 1600 stitches of ramie cord, it forms a special grain texture on both bottom sole side and insole side. 
the grain texture on insole side which contacting our feet will have a plantar acupoint massage impact, 
while the nail texture on bottom sole side can make our fabric soles very strong and durable.